10 Eco-Friendly Tech Gadgets


1. iBamboo Speaker

The creators behind the iBamboo speaker pride themselves on having developed a product that is efficient to manufacture and produces little waste. It’s also pretty cool that the natural resonance of the bamboo is what amplifies the sound. Currently, the device works with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.


2. ASUS Bamboo Series Notebook

This notebook is part of a series from ASUS meant to mark the company’s commitment to the environment. Each version is unique and incredibly resistant to wear and tear. In fact, someone actually took it up to Mount Everest to see how it would handle the weather conditions there. We’re happy to report it did just fine.


3. VERS Bamboo Stereo Alarm Clock for iPod

This AM/FM sound system for iPod makes for a great bedside alarm clock, or sound system for the kitchen or office. It plays and charges all docking iPods.


4. iZen Keyboard

The iZen bamboo keyboard is the very first eco-friendly Bluetooth keyboard on the market. It’s hand-crafted out of 92% bamboo. It’s also renewable and recyclable.


5. REVEAL DJ Headphones

These headphones create a nice and deep bass thanks to the natural sound reproduced by real bamboo. No PVC or toxic materials were used in its creation. Just as nature intended.


6. VERS Bamboo iPhone 4 Case

The protective and slim Vers case is perfect for your iPhone 4 or 4S. Each case in unique and lightweight.


7. Silva LTD Custom Bamboo Macbook Pro Case

This case is pretty. Just like like the Macbook Pro it protects. It’s made from a solid sheet of bamboo, is hand rubbed with a Tung oil finish and lined with wool felt.ac6be45a

8. VERS Bamboo iPad 2 Case

This handcrafted case is tailored specifically for a slim fit, with a two-piece protective shell. It’s hard not to love the sleek design.


9. Brando 8GB USB Flash Drive

This USB flash drive has built-in flash memory and comes in sizes ranging from 2GB to 8 GB.


10. Wired Bamboo Mice by Bambooki

The Bambooki mouse comes in several designs and is hand-carved from 100% biodegradable bamboo material.



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