Fascinating Indoor/Outdoor Mix


Facing west is this modern, minimalist Casa Siete by Hernandez Silva Arquitectura — but that may not be the first thing you notice about this design. That overwhelming first (and repeated) feature is how the indoors and outdoors become one in this particularly unique design. Greenery is part of the décor here; from the mature trees shading the sloping front yard and ending with a magnificent indoor courtyard with trees in planters, this house brings the green inside and welcomes natural light while still maintaining a sleek line and plenty of privacy. From the main entrance, where the main stairs emerge, you see the inner courtyard, then an open-plan living/dining area; a diagonal wall at the fireplace makes a visual connection to the courtyard as well.


On the other side of the home, you’ll find a spacious terrace, a boomerang-shaped space that segues directly to the kitchen and the games room. (Notice the great view you get while you’re playing billiards!) Upstairs are the private areas of the home — children’s bedrooms and a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and lavish closet space. Here there’s also a family room, plus an additional guest room that can have multiple uses, and a home gym with a connection to the courtyard. At its essence, the design “hangs together” through the use of a limited range of natural materials: the fresh look is achieved with different types of wood, marble, glass, concrete, and plaster — plus sunlight and foliage — to make this house truly fit its setting…and vice-versa.































SOURCE: http://www.stylisheve.com/fascinating-indooroutdoor-mix-casa-siete-hernandez-silva/


Romantic Garden Decorating Ideas

A garden is an ideal place for a romantic decorating style, because your needs for charm and softness are usually maximized at a relaxing moment in your peaceful & tranquil garden atmosphere. A romantic garden decoration is not difficult; actually through few simple touches, you can get this sweetness in your garden. The proof is in the pictures below with many simple ideas for a charming outdoor garden decoration. A garden swing is an excellent item to get in order to create a romantic ambience in our outdoor; perfect to enjoy sunshine, a gentle breeze, and a perfume of flowers whether sitting or lying down.. what a perfect way to escape from the very urban everyday life. Flowers have been since ever the first expression of love… What can a sentimental soul do without flowers? It is precisely by cultivating magnolias, tulips, sunflowers and buttercups that makes the garden reveals its high sensitivity and its romantic & poetic atmosphere. Because the runoff of water just soothes us, a water path through the garden is a guarantee décor that will delight us… What a dreamy ambience: smooth water running softly surrounded by green plants and flowers from each side, isn’t it wonderful?! Once the night falls, the outdoor garden can be even more romantic; all depends on the lighting! As you know, lighting is one of the most important elements of a romantic ambience; lower the light and set a subdued atmosphere using candles & lanterns… the result is super charming.



SOURCE: http://www.stylisheve.com/romantic-garden-decorating-ideas/

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Have you got any plans about making a dream backyard yet, because if none of the dream backyards featured in our previous collection fit your style, don’t you worry, we are here with another collection of 24 amazingly elegant wooden deck designs.
With this collection we hope to give you a lot of ideas about upgrading your backyard and inspire you to turn those ideas into reality.
In today’s collection, our main focus is on wooden deck designs that would fit into your backyard and make it look better and turn it into an enjoyable place in which you would wish to spend as much more time as possible, and maybe throw in a barbecue party with your family and friends.

Trex Transcend Deck

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Rooftop Oasis

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Hazelton Lanes, Yorkville

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Retro Revival

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Midvale Courtyard House

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Multilevel Deck

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Healdsburg Transformation

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Traditional Backyard Deck

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Gallery Loft

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Lake House Rustic Deck

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Potrero Hill Backyard

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Traditional Deck With Pergola

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Transitional Deck

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Contemporary Deck

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Greenwich Contemporary Deck

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Modern Rooftop Garden

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Modern Miami Deck

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Contemporary Comfort

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Beaumaris Project

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Pool House Deck

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Lakeview House

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Auerbach Property Traditional Deck

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

The Colony House

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

Beaver Lake Retreat by Design Guild Homes

24 Amazingly Elegant Wooden Deck Designs

SOURCE: http://www.architectureartdesigns.com/24-amazingly-elegant-wooden-deck-designs/

Dick Villa by Superform Architects


Dick Villa  designed by Superform Architects located in brazil

Dick Villa by Superform Architects

Project name : dick villa
Architect : Superform Architects
Location : brazil
Photographer : Miran kambic

The Architect designed  fluctuation of the river. Paralel to waves in front of the house create different ambients  wooden terraces, sweeming pool, fish pond, area with high river grass, green plot.

SOURCE: http://www.iam-architect.com/dick-villa-by-superform-architects/

Top 11 Outdoor Trends in 2014

We have seen examples of properties being bought for $100,000, which has an out of control yard and tired looking paint, being landscaped and painted for $2000, being re-listed onto the market immediately and being sold for $120,000, flipping the property instantly for an $18,000 profit.  This can be attributed, mostly, to a little outdoor TLC.

1.  Inventive Lighting

If you want to make the most of the outdoors, you’ll want to use it in the evenings when it is dark, and to do this you’ll need outdoor lighting.  Opt for creative, or chic options like ambiance lighting, placed under seating or garden features, to complement well placed lamps.  Don’t just stick to one color either, versatility is fresh and having the option to change the color of the light at a press of the switch will drastically change the mood and ambiance of the outdoor area.  This’ll give a slight edge, making the outdoor escape that much more attractive in ones minds eye; hopefully coaxing you outside to use the area more and more.  The trend is timeless, and continues to be a winner in 2014 through new and inventive garden light fixtures.

2.  Outdoor Saunas

For those who like saunas, this is probably one of best investments you’ll make in 2014.  There is nothing quite like heating up the sauna and escaping to the end of the garden, especially after a long stressful day.  A outdoor sauna installation like the one below (conversely, an indoor sauna installation) won’t break the bank, and it’s a wonderful way to add to the saleability of ones home, whilst also increasing the homes value, even if it’s nominal.

We’re seeing more and more demand for outdoor saunas; maybe due to economies improving, but whatever the fundamental reason, this is a winner for 2014, and it’s sure to impress anybody who visits your home; unless you live in a Scandinavian country where it’s an expected standard, where it’s reported there are more 2.5 people per sauna (the stat is valid for Finland at least).

3.  Outdoor Hot Tub

In a similar vain to saunas, one which is more broadly sensationalized and bragged about, as outdoor hot tub is a perfect way to get outside and use the outdoor area.  It’s a great place to escape to to relax an unwind, especially in today’s insanely hectic world.  We’ve heard of people using hot tubs in creative ways, for example, one business man returning from a holiday came home to 100 voice mail messages on his phone.

Quite overwhelmed and not particularly excited about answering all of them, he thought to himself, ‘How can I answer all of these messages while enjoying myself at the same time?’.  He hopped into his hot tub, laid back, and went through each of those calls, one by one, turning what would have been an ugly frog of a task into something much more enjoyable.

If you have the capital to run and invest in a hot tub in 2014, it’s a winner.  Pictured below with a fire pit, also hot for 2014.

4.  Natural Materials in Garden

If you’ve seen any of our other trend articles, you’ll notice there is a theme running through all of them and that’s the use of natural materials, and there are no places in the home which is more appropriate for the use of natural materials than the garden.  Slabs of stone work excellent as benches and’ll last forever.  Opt for wood and stone over man-made materials such as plastic.  Natural options tend to be more expensive, but if you were to calculate life to cost value, a natural stone option ends up winning.

5.  Sunken Seating in the Pool

Look past the stunning views and the infinity edge of the pool below and focus on the sunken seating.  This is architecture and design at it’s finest.  It looks good, plain and simple, and it’s sure to impress the guests.  We’re been seeing a real growth in sunken seating over the past few years and it looks like this explosion is continuing in 2014 as all the pool suppliers we’ve seen are brandishing all types of different, creative sunken seating solutions.

6.  Fire pits/fireplaces

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the cold of England or the warmth of Florida, a fire pit is awesome and practical.  The warmth it gives is an outside enabler, giving people the opportunity to use their gardens when it’s cold outside.  One of the biggest factors for not using an outdoor area is either the cold or the wet; a fire pit solves one of these pickles.  Wouldn’t you like to spend more evening with your loved one, gazing up at the stars in front of a nice, bone warming fire?  It’s like sitting around a camp fire, and all the wonderful memories that come with it.  This is one of our favorite outdoor trends in 2014.

7.  Native Plants

This is all about going back to using plants which naturally occur in the region which you reside.  No longer importing plants from other countries, this is all about sticking to your roots and honoring where you live.  It also goes without saying that native means natural and natural means you’ll have a happy, well balanced garden.  The native plants which you choose will be perfectly suited to your garden (barring climate change), and will therefore flourish even more perfectly than other plants from afar.  We feel this trend is about embracing the area which you live, an expression of pride through plants!  Whatever is the underlying fuel for the trend, it’s a strong one for 2014 and it’s definitely going to grow over the next few years.

8. Wall Gardens

This is especially popular, obviously, amongst home owners who have limited outdoor space or no space at all, but it’s also used by home owners who want to add a splash of natural color to their wall. Succulents work especially well in wall gardens and are easy to maintain, as pictured below. Be creative; design a wall garden in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and colors.

If anybody knows of any houses who has an entire side of the house as a wall garden, we’d love to see. This is a perfect solution for apartment owners who have green fingers but don’t have a garden. A wonderful growing trend in 2014. Indoor wall gardens, especially in the bathroom are also a trend in 2014.

9.  Herb Gardens

This is an obvious one; and it’s made our list because it’s still a monster of a trend.  Herb gardens are especially popular amonst those who appreciate the culinary arts and those who like to know where their food is coming from.  The trend has been strongly promoted by popular chefs such as Jamie Oliver, which has gained strength and momentum over the past 5 years.  Where gardening of this sorts was once widely regarded for older people over the past number of decades, attitudes are changing.  We are seeing youngsters, teenagers and young adults moving in this direction more and more, embracing this trend.

For those of you who have your own herb garden, you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like taking a sprig off a home grown herb and adding it to a dish you’re preparing: Incredibly rewarding.

10.  Reduced lawn

We’ve noticed this trend developing over the past decade, where people are reducing the size of their lawn and are opting for featured gardens, patios and other non-grassy areas.  great expanses of grass are great if you have children as they can play all their games uninhibited, but let’s be honest, most of us don’t keep our grass looking perfectly cut, green and lush to warrant having a lot of it.  Landscaped gardens like the one below, which were once all grass are taking over the traditional lawn which has been popular for decades.  In the small lawns which are left, add a pattern which will add that edge of pizzazz which’ll set it apart from the next door neighbor.


11.  Synthetic Lawn

Last but not least, and you knew this one was coming: Synthetic grass.  When if first came out, most people were synics, but as the manufacturing of the artificial grass became more and more real, its use has also become more popular.  This is a great option for those who want to have a ‘lawn’ which looks well kept all the time, who don’t enjoy cutting the grass every week.  It’s especially useful in areas where grass is difficult to grow, such as underneath bushes, in dry, thin areas.  Synthetic grass is also an ideal solution for creating fancy shapes that’ll always look crisp, like the one below.  The applications are endless.


Source: http://www.iam-architect.com/top-11-outdoor-trends-in-2014/

Seaside Dream Garden at Caringbah, Sydney, by Secret Gardens


When you’re building a dream home on the water, as these clients did, you want to make the outdoor space at the shoreline as much a “dream” as you can, too. That’s what these homeowners got when they consulted Secret Gardens for help at their home in Caringbah, a suburb in the south end of Sydney, Australia. It’s a terrific natural setting, with great panoramas of boats on the water, unbroken expanses of horizon and sky, and plenty of sunshine to help one’s garden grow. But the site was also not without its particular challenges, as the staff of Secret Gardens explains: “The site changes level dramatically and the structural elements of the garden design were rich with detail… [which] needed to be incorporated into the planting.”


Fortunately, the design neatly takes care of the slope involved, through terraced levels and “rooms” of green accessible by means of compact stairways that are, in turn, edged in refreshing white concrete and hardy native succulents. As for structural and architectural details, those, too, are respected. One wall is basically one large rock, a truly striking and distinctive way to add visual interest above the lawn. For uniformity, wood grain finishes are used in great contrast with pure white, and glass walls around the deck and alfresco dining area enable clear sightlines anytime. Selecting hardy plants and trees that could stand up to the bright sunshine and sea winds, Secret Gardens enables these clients to enjoy peaceful shade and serene green along with their great seaside vistas. It’s a winning combination all around!








SOURCE: http://www.stylisheve.com/seaside-dream-garden-caringbah-sydney-secret-gardens/

Michael Green’s Speech

The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) awarded Michael Green an honorary degree last May 30,2014 at the College of Science and Management Ceremony, UNBC Convocation Events in Prince George, for being an extraordinary Architect and being known to be the best in Prince George for his work on the Wood Innovation and Design Center – which is now under construction in downtown Prince George.


Michael Green is the principal architect of Michael Green Architecture in Vancouver BC. He is a fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and has been recognized for his award-winning buildings, public art, interiors, landscapes and urban environment. His reputation has led him to develop a wide range of project from international airports and skyscrapers to the Vancouver’s Ronald McDonald House, and North Vancouver City Hall.

Ronald Mcdonald MG

Ronald McDonald MG

North Vancouver MG

North Vancouver MG

Green gave “words to live by” during the event, and described a personal mantra to take risks and aim to change the world, which started when he broke his back in a climbing accident and barely survived.

Green used a baseball metaphor “keep your eye on the ball” as the foundation for his speech, but later on defining that phrase to be too safe and conventional and gave a very challenging twist, “Close your eyes and swing for the fences,” he told the Class of 2014, “You’ll miss a lot, but when you connect, you’ll feel like you’ve changed the world.”

Green should know. He has made a career out of turning architectural convention on its head. In a profession dominated by people who use concrete, steel, and glass, Green would appear to have made it his life mission to make wood, the building material of choice, not just for houses but for skyscrapers.

Much has been said these days of skills and technical expertise and certainly, the Class of 2014 is leaving UNBC with abilities to excel in their chosen careers or professions. But Green’s story – and his experience with the Wood Innovation and Design Centre – proves that passion, creativity, and imagination will lead you to success, impact and change.


Source: http://blogs.unbc.ca/energy/

How to: Recycle a Rubber Hose into a Cheap & Comfy Chair

diy recycled rubber chair

Clean modern lines, wood and metal supports … one could almost imagine this being sold at your local contemporary furniture store for thousands of dollars. Except: that comfortable-looking lining threaded between the structural frame is an ordinary, everyday reused garden hose. Total cost? About twenty bucks.

diy wood metal rubber chair

A few pieces of plywood, threaded metal rods, washers and bolts are all that is needed to construct the supporting elements on the sides of the seat. The standard-sized rubber hose is then woven between holes punched in the ply.

diy cheap garden chair

By stretching the length of hose tightly across the frame, weight becomes evenly distributed along all lines of rubber that stretch to create the comfortable and flexible surface of the finished furniture object. Pivot joints at the front and back of the main seating element allow for various heights and angles and thus maximum comfort. Full details at Instructables.

Source: http://dornob.com/how-to-recycle-a-rubber-hose-into-a-cheap-comfy-chair/#axzz33qTDowmX

How to Make Your Own Recycled Cardboard Laptop Stand


It might not look terribly impressive at first glance, but think for a second on how functional – and cheap – this simple laptop design is. It is highly portable, requires nothing you do not already own and costs next to nothing to construct.


The essential steps are almost self-explanatory: collect a pair of scissors, a used cardboard box and print out the simple shapes you will need to overly on the cardboard in order to begin cutting out the three pieces to create the stand.


Source: http://dornob.com/how-to-make-your-own-recycled-cardboard-laptop-stand/#axzz33qTDowmX

DIY Holiday Decor Idea: Recycled Wood Wine Box Lighting

recycled holiday diy lights

The food is filling, the wine is flowing; holiday celebrations have begun … and here is one great way to make the most of the materials we buy for festivities. These carved wine-crate lights are artistic in origins but definitely a potential do-it-yourself project as well.

recycled wood crate lights

Think about it: how of the same disposable materials are going to be appearing in homes around the country (and the world) over the coming weeks? And what kinds of creative projects could we craft from them? Some ideas are fairly simple, too.

recycled diy light towers

Source: http://dornob.com/diy-holiday-decor-idea-recycled-wood-wine-box-lighting/#axzz33qTDowmX