DIY Christmas Decorations

Handmade Christmas decorations add a special touch to your home for the holiday season. Between baking, entertaining, and cooking, it can be hard to find the time to add “crafting” to you to-do list. These DIY Christmas crafts are as fast and easy to make as they are festive!

christmas kissing ball craft

Pucker Up

Encourage seasonal smooches with this no-fuss kissing ball. Wrap a 4-inch Styrofoam ball in a 14-inch fabric square; secure with a rubber band. Thread the end of 1 1/2 yards of ribbon down through the band, around the ball, and up through the band’s other side so ribbon ends match up (knot them to hang the ball). Wrap 14 inches of ribbon around the ball’s other side (crossing first ribbon, as shown); tuck ends into band. Hide band with a shimmery bow and festive sprigs.

wreath candle holder

Let It Shine

Sophisticated yet stress-free, this candlelit centerpiece will last until you ring in the New Year. Just place several snowy tapers in short candlesticks in the center of a store-bought boxwood wreath. To keep greenery looking fresh, spritz occasionally with water and dry overnight in the tub.

 christmas table runner

Put Bells On

Give pricey table linens a run for their money with this beribboned beauty. Start with nonfraying fabric, like felt or heavy wool, that’s sized as a runner for your table. Four inches up from the runner’s bottom and 3 inches in from the edge, cut a 1/2-inch pair of parallel vertical slits 2 inches apart. Make another pair of vertical cuts 3 inches away from the first set of slits. Repeat along the width of the runner. Thread a 1/2-inch velvet ribbon through the slits. Punch a hole through fabric to insert the end of the ribbon. Tie bells onto the end of the ribbon for a jingly finish.


mitten craft

Give ‘Em a Hand

Assist stockings with the annual gift-dispensing duties by transforming mittens into hanging holders for tiny treats — simply stitch on a loop of ribbon.


Deck the Doors

Dangle pinecones from every cabinet door: Form a 12-inch-long ribbon into a loop, and hot-glue to the pinecone’s base. Tie another 12-inch-long ribbon into a bow, and hot-glue over the ends of the first ribbon.


Go Nuts

Heaped with walnuts, cranberries, and kumquats, a cylinder vase displays festive flavors. Place a tall (8- to 12-inch) pillar candle and holder inside the vase; surround with fruits and nuts.


Get Star-Struck

For luminarias, cut red paper bags in half with decorative scissors, and trim the tops of white or brown bags. Pop out stars with a star-shaped hole punch. Insert taller bags into red bags; half-fill with sand; add LED candles or glass votives.


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