Seaside Dream Garden at Caringbah, Sydney, by Secret Gardens


When you’re building a dream home on the water, as these clients did, you want to make the outdoor space at the shoreline as much a “dream” as you can, too. That’s what these homeowners got when they consulted Secret Gardens for help at their home in Caringbah, a suburb in the south end of Sydney, Australia. It’s a terrific natural setting, with great panoramas of boats on the water, unbroken expanses of horizon and sky, and plenty of sunshine to help one’s garden grow. But the site was also not without its particular challenges, as the staff of Secret Gardens explains: “The site changes level dramatically and the structural elements of the garden design were rich with detail… [which] needed to be incorporated into the planting.”


Fortunately, the design neatly takes care of the slope involved, through terraced levels and “rooms” of green accessible by means of compact stairways that are, in turn, edged in refreshing white concrete and hardy native succulents. As for structural and architectural details, those, too, are respected. One wall is basically one large rock, a truly striking and distinctive way to add visual interest above the lawn. For uniformity, wood grain finishes are used in great contrast with pure white, and glass walls around the deck and alfresco dining area enable clear sightlines anytime. Selecting hardy plants and trees that could stand up to the bright sunshine and sea winds, Secret Gardens enables these clients to enjoy peaceful shade and serene green along with their great seaside vistas. It’s a winning combination all around!









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