Michael Green’s Speech

The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) awarded Michael Green an honorary degree last May 30,2014 at the College of Science and Management Ceremony, UNBC Convocation Events in Prince George, for being an extraordinary Architect and being known to be the best in Prince George for his work on the Wood Innovation and Design Center – which is now under construction in downtown Prince George.


Michael Green is the principal architect of Michael Green Architecture in Vancouver BC. He is a fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and has been recognized for his award-winning buildings, public art, interiors, landscapes and urban environment. His reputation has led him to develop a wide range of project from international airports and skyscrapers to the Vancouver’s Ronald McDonald House, and North Vancouver City Hall.

Ronald Mcdonald MG

Ronald McDonald MG

North Vancouver MG

North Vancouver MG

Green gave “words to live by” during the event, and described a personal mantra to take risks and aim to change the world, which started when he broke his back in a climbing accident and barely survived.

Green used a baseball metaphor “keep your eye on the ball” as the foundation for his speech, but later on defining that phrase to be too safe and conventional and gave a very challenging twist, “Close your eyes and swing for the fences,” he told the Class of 2014, “You’ll miss a lot, but when you connect, you’ll feel like you’ve changed the world.”

Green should know. He has made a career out of turning architectural convention on its head. In a profession dominated by people who use concrete, steel, and glass, Green would appear to have made it his life mission to make wood, the building material of choice, not just for houses but for skyscrapers.

Much has been said these days of skills and technical expertise and certainly, the Class of 2014 is leaving UNBC with abilities to excel in their chosen careers or professions. But Green’s story – and his experience with the Wood Innovation and Design Centre – proves that passion, creativity, and imagination will lead you to success, impact and change.


Source: http://blogs.unbc.ca/energy/


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