Heaven Above the Inner City


One of the great hidden possibilities for green space, even the midst of an urban setting, is the rooftop garden; making one happen, however, can be tricky. That’s where skilled help from artists like those at Australia’s own Secret Gardens can make a world of difference. For this particular spot, situated over 25 floors above the center of Sydney, that guidance has produced a retreat with lush lawn, hedges, topiary cones, and neatly edged beds and paths that would be right at home in a formal English estate. At the same time, there’s no mistaking that the purpose of this garden is enjoyment, not merely ornament. If you have any doubt of that, take a look at the lounge chair set up in that marvelous circular lawn; it’s just waiting for a sunbather to claim it for some rays!


The lucky owners can do a multitude of things in this neat spot, too, besides getting a tan. Timber seating that frames the garden provides ample space for a girls’ night “upstairs,” a solitary afternoon with a good book, or even a dinner party. An alfresco table and chairs, as well as handy lanterns, await a starlit evening for ambience that can’t be beat. And besides the soothing green space, there’s fragrance to enjoy, too, from lavender and other flowering plants that send their subtle perfume into the air. But by far the most enjoyable aspect of this type of space has to be the combination of fresh air and views, and this garden gives its owners almost a 360-degree panorama to enjoy. In the hustle of the city, a garden is a wonderful restorative, and this one offers its owners plenty of relaxation courtesy of Secret Gardens.





Source: http://www.stylisheve.com/heaven-inner-city-rooftop-garden-secret-gardens/

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