Big Outdoor Living in Small Spaces


In an amazing arrangement that makes the most of a small space, this compact outdoor living and entertaining area in suburban Melbourne has everything you could want for a great time day or night, through a creative design from Australia’s OFTB Landscape and Pool Construction. Using a host of natural materials, OFTB has provided the lucky owners with an oversized spa complete with a raised wall, a cascading waterfall, and a seat; the water is enclosed in a clear glass wall that provides safety and security without unduly “carving” up the narrow yard or impeding views from the deck. Easily reached from the main house through glass doors, the spa is a focal point for this outdoor retreat, but it’s far from the only attraction!Hampton-2-by-OFTB-Landscape_02

By day, filtered sunlight gives the area a dappled ambience, while by night, lanterns and well-placed up-lighting add to the mood. Cross the wood deck from the spa and you’ll find a comfy sheltered outdoor seating area; colorful cushions brighten the dark-blue bench, complemented by chairs in red, orange, and dark blue around a neat white rectangular table. For protection from summer sun, the roof is louvered; for the aspiring chef, the eating area has a built-in barbecue with drawer space and a small counter adjacent to the cooking area, handy for prep or serving. Decorative screening forms latticework privacy walls, surrounded by climbing greenery and garden beds. The effect is secluded without feeling too closed-in, and elegant without fuss, in this efficient and inviting plan from OFTB.





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