World Wood Day 2014

World Wood Day is known to be a cultural event to increase significant awareness on how wood plays an important role for a sustainable future that is World Wood Day annually celebrated every 21st of March and has launched its inaugural celebration in 2013. Concurrently, WWD is observed on the same day as the “International Day of Forest” which was officially recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013. The concept behind World Wood Day was first advocated in 2009 by International Wood Culture Society along with partners and friends.

2013 World Wood Day celebrated their first year with the theme “A Cultural Approach to Achieve Wood is Good”, and inaugurated its annual celebration on March 21st in Tanzania with a series of a special designed events after years of preparation. The Local Woodcarving Competition, African Wood Carving Show, International Woodcarving Show and Woodturning show were the four activities during 2013 WWD.

There are also fun activities for local children such as drawing competition to illustrate their appreciation for wood with their imagination, skill and talent. A wood culture spot tour around Tanzania is also a part of the itinerary as well as tree planting activities that serve as the emblem of International Day of Forest and World Wood Day.

2014 World Wood Day was celebrated last March 21st to March 25th with a theme “Wood in a Changing Culture” that promoted feast of arts, culture and knowledge, fun and recreation, and caring and support in a week-long celebration which was held at Xianyou Country, Fujian Province of China.

Under the context of globalization, the world has been greatly affected by a move towards economic development, urbanization and increasing consumption of natural resources. Ecological environments have been altered over the course of time as changing cultural values have overridden traditional culture and influenced people’s mindsets and behaviors. Blending of the new and the traditional is not the only result. Having been interpreted differently across the world, norms and practices also greatly influence traditions, values and cultures. The value and use of wood, for instance, have also changed in response to the changing world. Wood, therefore, as an eco-friendly and renewable biomaterial, has become increasingly crucial to sustainable living.”

The event started with an opening ceremony followed by a Wood Education and Symposium. There were certain competitions such as Children Drawing Competition, Timber Structure Houses Design, 3rd Chinese Vocational & College Student Carpentry Competition and an International Furniture-Making Event. There were also activities such as International Artists’ Collaborative Wood Sculpture Exhibition: Harmony, Woodcarving Exhibition: “Wood: Art, Joy and Culture”, Woodcarving Show: “Homeland”, Woodturning Demonstration, Folk Arts Show and Exhibition, Live Sketches Exhibition and Wooden Music Fair. For the last two days, they had a Awarding & Closing Ceremony and Tree Planting and finally a Wood Culture Tour.

World Wood Day also encourages people from all over the world to join and promote wood by providing on line activities. You check out these activities at




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