What’s World Wood Day?




World Wood Day (WWD) is known to be a cultural event that is celebrated every year on March 21 highlighting wood as an Eco-friendly and renewable bio material. WWD’s main objective is to raise awareness and understanding of the key role wood plays in a sustainable world in the future through forest biodiversity conservation and the importance and true value of its responsible use.

The International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) first proposed about the World Wood Day in 2010 along with their operational partners and in March 21, 2013, the first World Wood Day was celebrated in Tanzania in a joint effort with international organizations and Tanzania Governmental bodies. WWD is currently observed  on the same day as the International Day of Forest to extend the idea of applying a cultural approach to disseminate the concept of “Wood is Good” and incorporate it into people’s lives.


World Wood Day Foundation is a  non-profit organization established in California after the first celebration of World Wood Day 2013 in Tanzania when a need for fund raising became an imperative and the need of a managing body was given priority. This is the response to the outcome of the WWD 2013 celebration in 2013 to manage funds and grants to carry out the foundation’s mission.

World Wood Day Foundation Mission:

  • To raise public awareness of wood as an Eco-friendly material and encouraging academic research and responsible wood usage for a sustainable future.
  • To advocate and annually celebrate WWD on March 21
  • To manage funds and grants for WWD and global research, educational and promotion of wood culture.




Source: http://www.iwcs.com/?p=home | http://www.worldwoodday.org | wikipedia.org



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