Do-It-Yourself Jewelry Board

By: Rebbecas DIY



All my necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry have been lying all around the house for far to long: in the bathroom, in the wardrobe, in the kitchen… And that’s a bit sad since most jewelry is beautiful and deserves to be displayed.


I made my jewelry board from a piece of driftwood and some pretty sticks I found in the Hurst behind our house. 


I painted the sticks with water colours. At first I had an idea about just using a limited number of colors but of course I couldn’t stick to that plan. Instead the whole rainbow got represented but I saved a lot of the raw natural wood too, and it makes a beautiful contrast to all the colors.


I drilled holes in the driftwood and carved the sticks so they would fit in the holes. Then I used wood glue to make them stick. 

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