31 Pieces of Bold Bamboo Furniture

By: Tana Makmanee

Source: http://www.trendhunter.com/slideshow/bamboo-furniture#2

From Sustainable Social Seating to Blow Up Bamboo Furniture

Integrating eco-friendly decor into your household is a great way to become more environmentally conscious about your products, and these bold bamboo furniture designs will provide both style and sustainability for your home.

Bamboo is a very unique type of plant that can often be found in certain Asian countries. Their ability to grow at a fast rate as well as being very strong and sturdy has made this plant a very sought-after source of building material. And these bamboo furniture designs are showcasing that this raw and natural product can create visually stunning furnishings that would rival any other type of high-end decor.

From stylish wooden seats to peaceful solitude chairs, these bold bamboo furniture designs are showcasing that utilizing such green materials as bamboo can still create a visually stunning product.

Slightly Asymmetrical Workstations

#1 Slightly Asymmetrical Workstations

Upcycled Bamboo Trapeze Lamps

#2 Upcycled Bamboo Trapeze Lamps

Arching Wooden Seats

#3 Arching Wooden Seats

Exotic Eco Illuminators

#4 Exotic Eco Illuminators

Curvilinear Wood Strip Seating

#5 Curvilinear Wood Strip Seating

Donut-shaped Seating

#6 Donut-shaped Seating

Alpha Chair

#7 Alpha Chair

Shape-Mimicking Furniture Sets

#8 Shape-Mimicking Furniture Sets

Leggy Notched Furniture

#9 Leggy Notched Furniture

Lumberific Furniture

#10 Lumberific Furniture

Green Spirited Seating

#11 Green Spirited Seating

Interlocking Furniture Bases

#12 Interlocking Furniture Bases

Concrete-Bamboo Lamps

#13 Concrete-Bamboo Lamps

Oversized Eco Rocking Horses

#14 Oversized Eco Rocking Horses

Bamboozled Beverage Chillers

#15 Bamboozled Beverage Chillers

Sustainable Social Seating

#16 Sustainable Social Seating

Steam Vessel Counters

#17 Steam Vessel Counters

Jenga-Inspired Furniture

#18 Jenga-Inspired Furniture

Brilliant Bamboo Lighting

#19 Brilliant Bamboo Lighting

Bamboo Pods for the Bashful

#20 Bamboo Pods for the Bashful

Lopsided Storage Systems

#21 Lopsided Storage Systems

Log Ride Seating

#22 Log Ride Seating

Slotted Multifunctional Furniture

#23 Slotted Multi-functional Furniture

Blow Up Bamboo Furniture

#24 Blow Up Bamboo Furniture

Minimalist Bamboo Seating

#25 Minimalist Bamboo Seating

Multimedia Massage Recliners

#26 Multimedia Massage Recliners

Plumber-Inspired Chandeliers

#27 Plumber-Inspired Chandeliers

Peaceful Solitude Seats

#28 Peaceful Solitude Seats

Bamboo Birdhouse Lamps

#29 Bamboo Birdhouse Lamps

Bamboo-Inspired Furniture

#30 Bamboo-Inspired Furniture

Curvilinear Poolside Chaises

#31 Curvilinear Poolside Chaises


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