Wooden Wardrobe

By: Alphydan

Source: http://www.instructables.com/id/Wooden-Wardrobe/

Picture of Wooden Wardrobe

03tools.JPG   2011-10-01 17.33.58.jpg        01diagram.JPG        02diagram.JPG

After having a look at some wardrobes and seeing the exorbitant prices I decided to have a stab at building one. Custom made, for our room. In this instructable you can see the wood and tools I used, the steps and the outcome.

It ended up costing about £100 GBP (about $150) for sustainably sourced wood and a few drill-bits.
So here’s the BOM (Bill of Materials):

flat-sawn red pine

– 8 pieces of 195mm x 19mm x 75mm
– 11 pieces of 175mm x 19mm x 38mm
– 10 pieces of 25mm x 19mm x 38mm
– 4 pieces of 50mm x 25mm x 75mm.

About 30m of 50mm x 19mm x 38mm

Some other stuff you’ll need:

* plenty of Screws for wood of different sizes
* panel pins (or small nails)
* some reclaimed wood
* two metal bars (mine were found in the skip and cut to the right size with a hack-saw)
* glue

Step 1: Chop and measure some wood

Picture of Chop and measure some wood
2011-09-17 19.49.45.jpg
2011-09-17 20.58.26.jpg
2011-09-17 20.20.50.jpg
The best option is to have the seller cut the wood for you.
But some of the wood was found so I just I improvised a semi-stable table (remember to wear gloves to prevent any cuts!)Cutting with a wood saw should feel smooth, with little effort (if you feel like you have to push the saw into the wood then relax your arm and let the saw do the cutting!)

Check every now and then that your pieces are of the right length (accuracy would deteriorate when I compared A to B, then B to C, C to double of D etc …)

I started assembling it on the floor. Keep an eye on screwing too close to the edges for the thin pieces of wood.

Step 2: Mount the structure

Picture of mount the structure
2011-09-18 18.00.34.jpg
2011-09-18 18.42.54.jpg
2011-09-18 18.58.45.jpg
2011-09-18 19.22.50.jpg
2011-09-18 19.59.17.jpg
The pictures are pretty much self-explanatory, but make sure to use the bubble level and some measuring tape to keep everything aligned. So far everything is screwed (and I’m not talking about the global economy).

Step 3: Shelves and bars

Picture of shelves and bars
2011-09-24 20.01.45.jpg
2011-09-24 20.02.04.jpg
2011-09-24 20.24.58.jpg
the shelves are made with the  50mm x 19mm x 38mm pieces, and nailed to the inner railings (as shown in the first picture).
As everybody knows, ice-cream containers were also made to catch saw-dust.
The hole which is visible from the side of the furniture was only drilled half way, and the opposing hole was drilled all the way to allow sliding the bar  through (as shown in the last picture).

Step 4: Glue and saw-dust

I glued the bars in to give more stiffness (the funny-shape of this bar made me and the file sweat).
the short middle shelves are glued in.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Picture of finishing touches
2011-10-01 16.46.24.jpg
2011-10-01 17.18.39.jpg
I fixed the top of the wardrobe to the wall with an L-bracket and a screw.
That’s it! I hope it helps to you come up with cool open wardrobes (makes it easy to organize and access the clothes)

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